Material Robots is a Textile X Interaction platform developed by Amy Winters.  During her Doctoral studies at the RCA, Amy identified and cultivated a design-led approach towards the invention of materials for soft robotics. 

Creating novel soft interfaces which explore new material interactions. 


Unconventional Microfluidics

Soft Programmable Materials are developed from Microfluidics. 


Soft Robotics, is a new area ripe for development.  Identified and discovered design-led approach towards creation of materials for soft robotics through practice-based PhD. These set of project comprise a 'tool-kit' for Invention to create novel Textile Interface. A place to grow a theoretical and commercial framework for thinking/creating with active materials.


Rhythm is central to this story.  


What are these interactions? How are they developed? How can the tacit knowledge of the textile designer become the catalyst towards new material-led inventions? 


Meaningful Play


Focusing on soft deformable structures.


Insights and knowledge discovered through working with the material which are explored through creating narratives. 


material transitions, responsive materials

a place to grow a theoretical framework for thinking/creating with active materials



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